Friday, 3 October 2014

SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolour Balm and Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara

Worth buy today at Guardian...

A pair of Mascara set Silkygirl Lash Prism in Blackest Black for $9.90 and the Moisture Boost Lipcolour Balm in Rose for $8.90.

Running out of mascara and these came in pairs. Said to be waterproof smudge proof and clump free. Exactly what I need for non waterproof ones would just smudge from the hours of unconcious eye blinking and over production of sebum which makes me look panda eyed even more by the time i reach home in the evening. So embarassing and I dont always have any time to touch up or spotcheck my face while at work. Even lunch hour is so sacred and precious.

They say, if we have oily skin, lessen the shine elsewhere especially lips and eyes to prevent horrible shine all over the face. So I tend to overdry my lips with my nude lip liner trying to maintain the matt look. Hopefully, this new balm does what it says it does! ;p

Monday, 15 September 2014

Inspirational Quotes

I love being inspired and motivated by great quotes and pictograms. The simplest things in life goes to literal waste when ignored. Keep the inspiration alive and consistent. It maintains a good "euphoria" level in me to keep going especially when the going gets tough. At times, when I feel like I am all alone and when the toxic thoughts start invading me, I read for my mind health and I pray for spiritual health. (Online articles and ebooks) It benefits me alot. A good distraction and increases my knowledge. Keeps me super positive and cheerful and bouncing. *toink toink toink*

Do not hate me for being cheerful. Just like others I encountered before.(I want to be cheerful ok ... sours. Not my problem if you drown yourself in misery volunteerily...) I really do pity them and tried helping but their inner negativity is too powerful to absorb any positivity I would like to sincerely spread and share with. *Shrugs* Why. Why. Why. Ok nvm them. Give them time. Give me patience. Once bitten, twice shy. I am only human like you. In the meantime, my life needs to go on, got lotsa things to do and problems to resolve bla bla bla... Enough pitying negative people long enough till it actually drained me out and affected me. Not good.

Wake up to a Hopeful Monday

Some days, Oxy 5 and sleep is enough to wake up to clearer skin. Some blemishes flattens and some just miraculously fade away. As we sleep, our body recuperates. Crucial timing is between 10pm to 2am I read somewhere. So no point being a hyper owl and want to look good effortlessly. Trust me, you will look older than you are. Though not that soon for some and for those whose defense are naturally immuned to ageing, but along the years, signs of tell tale will show. Been there, done all that, with regrets. I shall love myself more and get things going smoothly before I hit the big THREE.

So today is quite a big day for me. I am on leave. My son has left for school. Just need to top up his hicard later. Mom and I have a important plan going on later. Nervous and anxious. Pray that it will turn out to be worthwhile and fully well spent on, basically fulfilling. Insyallah. Amin.

Cut out poster inspired by Truly Amazing Life blog. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Love your Hair.

Beautiful mane. That is my asset. Having long hair that is waist length is not an easy job. Battle with knots. Dealing with a normal average hair loss of 50 - 100 strands per day. Im so afraid of getting thinner hair and chronic hair loss. Maybe when I get older I will cut my hair. So have to be diligent with massaging the scalp with a hair tonic daily before bed if possible. I stopped doing so for a couple of months prolly close to a year. So i must remember to not forget the scalp needs nourishment too. I cannot imagine that long I have been neglecting my hair. Recently I had a hair cut to get rid of the split ends and maintain back a deep V shaped style that I have always loved once again. It feels good. I thought of saving up and get a set of hair supplement again. My wish list. Will definitely save up for it. Insyallah.

Meanwhile, do prevent unnecessary hair loss by detangling stubborn-almost-dead-knots with this light fresh scent detangling spray. It also adds a shine finish. Avoid heat styling as much as possible (I stopped that obsession which I had since I was in Sec 4 till my working days. Though it gave me  results of salon styled hair that I received loads of compliment, I guess nothing lasts forever. It definitely have contributed lots of damage and hair loss over a decade. I only came across heat protectant when I almost vow not to straighten my hair again. Pro natural beauty) Lastly, keep it nourished enough at the ends with Loreal Professional Mythic Oil. It should keep the frizzies at bay through out the day.

Tip for naturally straight/wavy/limp hair :
Twirl the ends when it is damp. Airdry. Plug in your earpiece you are good to go. Once you reach work or school, ta-da! Perfect beautiful loose bouncy curls!

Heavenly Scents

Received these testers as a gift. They do smell really nice... Thanks to my aunt! We share the same interest. ;)

Blissful Sunday

Sundays are precious and sacred. A whole lot accomplishment can be achieved, it gives me that euphoric feelings again and thank you Ya Allah!  Another detail about me is I LOVE food! I am a foodlover! I appreciate food. And I have a thing about picky eaters and unfinished food. Both my son and my fiance are picky eaters. (Maybe because they have the same name?) Wasting the goodness in life. So naturally, I will nag at them if they switch on their picky mode, it auto presses on my buttons. So hard to guide them about food at times. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, today is a good day. Lunch at Kampung Cafe. Too bad no pics. Had Tom Yum Fish Slice Soup, Hotplate Tofu and a few pieces of Prata Bom. Sedap! (Though the service is on the slow side) The taste is still lingering on my buds. Now I feel hungry. My sister said she would cook Prawn Aglio tonight. Bought ingredients already, olive oil, parmesan cheese etc etc.  Wonder if it will happen or not. Her doors are closed and the lights are off. -_-
Maybe I should urge mom to cook the Saba Fish instead. Yummy!

This image of the sandwich looks yummy too. Perhaps I will make it someday. When I have time. Hee..


Scrapbooking nowadays are so so so much more interesting than it was a decade or two ago. When I was a teen, I loved being creative with notebooks and was a stationery freak. (I wrap my unique ruler with a scotchtape to prevent scratches and discoloration) It still lives on till today, so I let my son use it freely. He always shakes slowly his head when I share my old stuff . Tsk Tsk.

Came across this at a bookshop, I felt elated at the sight of the package, tiny ornaments included! I bought it. I plan to relive my passion for scrapbooking. But I wonder when I can complete it. I am abit backdated, just started reading 5o Shades of Grey and hope to finish it first then I continue my scrapbooking with more enthusiasm. Meantime I keep stock of glues and more pretty add-ons I come across. :D